space for rent beneath her breast other offers lost in mail heartbeats sealed in little paper caskets (unsent love letters to an impossible girl)


(not so) famous last words. I once wrote, “One of the best ways to spend time alone is to tell someone you love them before they are ready to hear it.” The stakes are lower now that she doesn’t read me, so words come a bit easier. This does not mean writing about her is […]


53. Most of my writing is a throwback. Lots of memories, a few good ones, but mostly too busy surviving to smile. I don’t spend time in the dark past because it’s fun or because I’m dark. It’s comfortable there; some of you may understand that. At Christmas, 1996 I was sick for two weeks, […]


Selective. Reclusive. Introverted. Set in my ways. “My methods aren’t bad or wrong, they are old and they work for me,” I lie to myself. I do not darken the doors of public places, so opportunity is scarce; opportunity to share a smile with a stranger. Online dating? I’ve never been to a site. I […]


After a while I realized growth doesn’t always mean cocoons bursting to reveal butterflies or life becoming easier or happier. Growth may simply be the natural progression of an event. Look for the good but understand it can’t all be pretty. Why be anything other than what you are, even if it’s not the best? […]


Although not the right Smiths song for the movie, I always associated this tune with Pretty In Pink, believing any of those 80s Hughes films would be worthy of a sequel depicting life after they grew up. How Soon Is Now is my favorite song; never have I identified with lyrics like these. But in […]